Accuracy of five intraoral scanners compared to indirect digitalization


Nell’ambito dell’incontro di digitalizzazione saranno trattati gli argomenti presenti all’interno del presente articolo di cui vi presentiamo una piccola anteprima.

Direct and indirect digitalization offer two options for computer-aided design (CAD)/ computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)-generated restorations. The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of different intraoral scanners and compare them to the process of indirect digitalization.

Over the last years, different intraoral scanning systems for direct digitalization have been launched to the dental market, in order to enhance the impression procedure and manufacturing workflow for computer-aided design (CAD)/computeraided manufacturing (CAM) fabricated restorations. Although currently available impression materials offer a reliable method for the reproduction of the clinical situation [1], in clinical routine, dental impressions obviously offer some room for improvement [2].

Authors:Jan-Frederik Güth1 & Cornelius Runkel1 & Florian Beuer2 & Michael Stimmelmayr1 & Daniel Edelhoff1 & Christine Keul1